‘ADHD is simply a figment of our national imagination. These kids are just unruly and their parents so career-oriented that they’d rather see their children pop pills than spend time with them.’
Unfortunately for 2-5% of school-aged children this is not the case, living with a more severe case of ADHD is a daily battle to fit into a world designed for people with a completely different thought structure. These photos look to show an insight into the daily struggles I have observed my brother battle over the last 8-12 years.
Two observational interviews were set up, one where the subject is medicated and the other without. To keep the observation as natural as possible the studio was set up within the subjects home and the subject wasn't told the time or date for either interview to prevent staging.
Using a remote trigger a photo was taken every five minutes to document the body language and behaviour of the subject during an hour long conversation between myself and the subject.
The results indicate the use of professionally administered medication allowed the subject to actively engage throughout the conversation compared to the continually distracted and disjointed conversation observed in the first shoot.
As with any drug, Ritalin shouldn’t be used as a quick fix to calm down a child, it is a control medication for those few children with severe ADHD that's leading to them being expelled from schools, losing friends and experiencing a rapidly deteriorating lifestyle. 
Ritalin alone is not that effective, the drug provides the child with the ability to take more control over their actions but must be paired with behavioural therapy to maximise effects. The medication is only a short term solution, as it cannot be taken 24/7 so in down times the child must learn how to manage themselves as well. The results can be incredible, transforming a person from an out of control mess into an engaged, well spoken and interesting individual.
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