Over 50% of the globes population live in urban spaces. As a result the development of office construction and new housing is increasing.
Artificial lighting is key to this rapid development, and allows us to work past normal time constraints. We still have a desire to keep in touch with nature for physical and mental health reasons alike.
So how can we create a better relationship between our dependance on electricity, and our love and need for the natural world?
Modulamp is a proposal for a energy system built on a symbiotic relationship between nature and modern technology, harnessing low voltage power from the plants soil to power an LED lamp.
White LEDs create ideal conditions to help plants survive through darker winters, and help the user focus and feel energised.
The types of plants best suited produce high levels of oxygen cleaning the air inside. This encourages the user to take care of the plant creating further symbiosis.
Every material has been carefully considered from cradle to cradle, using easily recyclable metals, local clays with post consumer waste and new alternatives to normally environmentally damaging concrete.
Easily retrofitted with existing lamps, a small office could save over £2000 a year using Modulamp units.
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